Web Application Development with Node.js

In this workshop series you'll turn your idea into an interactive prototype. If you aspire to be a web developer or just have an idea you want to turn into reality, join us. We provide a rewarding learning environment focused on moving beginners to the next level.

What will I be able to build?

A database-backed, dynamic web application with Node.js, suitable as a MVP (minimum viable product) of your idea.

What will I learn?

How to deliver a web app end-to-end. We take a practical approach to learning application development with Node.js. We'll cover:

  • Node.js as a fast, scalable web application server.
  • Domain modeling for robust application design.
  • REST API design for a solid application architecture.
  • Express web application framework for code organization and more rapid development.
  • Unit testing to deliver maintainable, high quality code.
  • Agile software development practices to produce more while reducing risk.

Why Node.js?

Node.js provides an easy path from developing web pages to developing applications. Node delivers simplicity and speed by embracing the approachable and dynamic language of the web—Javascript—a language already familiar to most web developers.

Moving the web forward

Node was built to overcome barriers found in other web development languages. Its unique characteristics give it the power and flexibility to drive the current and next generation of web applications. When you are ready to build real-time web apps, Node will be there to support you.

Power from simplicity

Node was written from the start to give you full control of the application server. As your application's needs grow beyond HTTP requests and responses, Node can grow with you because of a core set of APIs and an ecosystem of higher level modules.

Easy to open

Node is an open source language, built on other open source software like Google's fast V8 Javascript engine. You are free to develop with it alone or join a rapidly growing community of developers extending its core capabilities. The open nature of these projects makes it easy to jump in, contribute, and learn from others.